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Seamless and effective painting and curing process.


Our cutting-edge Spray & Cure Booth stands at the forefront of innovation, a game-changer for professionals seeking a seamless and effective painting and curing process.

Spray and Cure booth
Spray and Cure display


The DCR Systems Spray & Cure Booth is a testament to the commitment to excellence in automotive refinishing. From precision in positioning to intelligent control, this booth addresses the intricate needs of professionals, offering a transformative solution that elevates the standards of automotive finishing. Step into the future of paint application and curing with our innovative and compact design – the epitome of efficiency and precision.

Where the THE SPRAY & CURE BOOTH fits in the system:
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Whether you use our Preparation Booth or our H2O Blaster here at DCR Systems, we offer solutions to alloy wheel prep.


The DCR Pro diamond cutting alloy wheel lathe is the perfect partner machine to our range of preparation machines. Giving you a flawless finish to your alloy wheels
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To ensure the best finish possible in the smallest space possible, you can finish off your alloy wheel refinishing in our DCR Systems Spray & Cure Booth.


Precision in Positioning

The heart of our Spray & Cure Booth lies in its electric wheel stand, engineered to manoeuvre wheels into the optimal painting position effortlessly. This ensures a meticulous application, eliminating the risk of uneven coating. Once painted, the wheel stand transitions to a flat position for the curing cycle, setting the stage for a flawless finish.

Intelligent Control with PLC

Equipped with a state-of-the-art Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), our booth offers precise control over cure cycle times. This feature enhances efficiency and allows customisation, catering to the unique requirements of various coatings. The PLC ensures a streamlined and error-free operation, producing superior results.

Illuminating Excellence

Two infrared curing lamps housed in the upper panel of the booth play a pivotal role in expediting the curing process. These lamps emit targeted heat, accelerating drying times and contributing to a faster turnaround without compromising the quality of the finish. The result is a radiant and durable coating that stands the test of time.

Fortified Against Contaminants

To maintain the pristine environment necessary for curing, our Spray & Cure Booth features a roller shutter designed to keep dust at bay during the curing cycle. This protective barrier ensures that the painted surface remains free from imperfections, delivering a finish that meets the highest quality standards.

Convenience in Design

Crafted with the user in mind, our booth boasts a compact design tailored to fit seamlessly into any workshop space. Including a storage cupboard adds a practical touch, providing a dedicated space for tools and accessories, further enhancing the efficiency of the automotive finishing process.

Power and Filtration Efficiency

With a single-phase 13-amp electrical supply, our booth is powerful and energy-efficient. The 2-stage filter system ensures that air circulating within the booth remains clean and free from contaminants, safeguarding both the environment and the quality of the paint job.

Spray and Cure close upSpray and CureSpray and Cure lightingSpray and Cure booth closedSpray and Cure boothSpray and Cure controls


Compact design to fit any workshop.
Using 13amp power for easy install
Fast curing with infrared heaters
Easy wheel loading with an electric stand
Clean spraying with high-level filtration and extract
Convenient for alloy wheels; no need for a large spray booth


Dimensions: H1990mm W1770mm D900mm
Weight: 362Kg
Sound rating: Db 78
Power: 220v 50Hz Single phase – and 1000x x 2 Infrared lamps
Construction material: Powder coated aluminium
Air Requirements – 10 CFM supply


The DCR Systems Spray & Cure booth is designed to spray and cure two alloy wheels. However, with its compact design, you can spray and cure small components and machine parts.

Using the electric wheel stand, you can move your wheels to whichever angle you feel happier with painting while moving them effortlessly on the nylon rollers to ensure even coverage.

While spraying the auto fans, draw the overspray into the filters set out below the sprayed parts. Included is a safety overrun to ensure air clearance of spray.

Once the wheels or parts are painted using the easy-to-use PLC, you can program the 1000W infra-red lamps to cure the paint. To ensure no contaminants get onto the surface of your newly painted wheel or part, the booth has a shutter you can pull down. It protects your painted item and helps speed up drying by creating a warmer environment.



The DCR Systems Spray & Cure booth is an ideal finisher for our alloy wheel refinishing machines range. This gives you the perfect wheel spraying environment whilst minimising the space needed to increase efficiency and safety in any workshop.

For The Workshop

The DCR Pro is complemented by our range of other DCR Systems machines, offering the complete workshop solution for alloy wheel refinishing. Please click the link below for more information on our Workshop Solution and how it can complement your business

The Alloy Wheel Centre

For businesses needing more internal space, our bespoke alloy wheel centres have been meticulously designed to bring a complete alloy wheel workshop to your carpark or open space. They boast innovative features and user-friendly design, ensuring efficiency, precision, and ease of use.

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