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Revolutionising Wheel Painting with Innovation and Efficiency


Our Patented, ground-breaking PaintMatic is an automated wheel painting and curing machine designed to reshape the landscape of our sector. With its cutting-edge features and user-friendly design, the PaintMatic reduces costs and enhances efficiency in wheel painting and curing processes.


Introducing our Patented PaintMatic automated wheel painting machine, a ground-breaking solution that is revolutionising wheel painting. This innovative system streamlines the entire wheel painting process, ensuring impeccable results with consistent quality. Eliminating the need for skilled painters significantly reduces labour costs while maximising productivity. With its intuitive operation and precise execution, the PaintMatic delivers unmatched efficiency and reliability, setting a new standard in automotive finishing. Say goodbye to human error and hello to flawless wheel painting with the PaintMatic.

Where the THE PAINTMATIC fits in the system:


The H2O Wet Blaster significantly reduces preparation time, allowing you to process more wheels in less time.
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The DCR Pro was the first alloy wheel lathe in the market for alloy wheel refinishing, including Tyre on Tech Reducing key to key wheels of car time dramatically.


The PaintMatic stands as a beacon of efficiency, bridging the industry’s skill gap. Offering an automated solution minimises reliance on skilled painters while maintaining precision in wheel painting and curing.


Automation for Cost-Effective Precision

The PaintMatic stands as a beacon of efficiency, bridging the industry's skill gap. Offering an automated solution minimises reliance on skilled painters while maintaining precision in wheel painting and curing. This strategic shift reduces operational costs and addresses the challenges posed by a shortage of skilled professionals in our sector.

Dual Spray Heads for Versatility

Equipped with two spray heads, the PaintMatic caters to both water-based colour and solvent-based clear coat applications. This dual functionality ensures flexibility in the painting process, allowing for a seamless transition between different coatings.

Advanced Curing Technology

The Paint Matic’s pneumatic actuated infrared curing lamp expedites the curing process, ensuring a quick turnaround time. An inbuilt air-blowing system further accelerates the curing time for water-based colours, contributing to an efficient and time-saving painting operation.

Precision Laser Dimension Identification

Incorporating laser technology, the PaintMatic accurately identifies wheel dimensions. This ensures precise and consistent painting, regardless of variations in wheel sizes, contributing to a flawless finish across a diverse range of automotive wheels.

Comprehensive Filtration System

The PaintMatic features a 4-stage filter system, including carbon filters with air recirculation. This maintains a clean and controlled environment and minimises environmental impact by recirculating filtered air. The result is an eco-friendly solution that aligns with modern sustainability practices.

Integrated Paint Storage and Mixing

Efficiency is further enhanced with an inbuilt cupboard for filtered paint storage and mixing. This centralised system ensures that paints are kept in optimal conditions and ready for immediate use. The streamlined process minimises downtime and maximises productivity.

Built-In Maintenance Features

The PaintMatic prioritises ease of maintenance with inbuilt gun cleaning and waste management systems. These features streamline the post-painting clean-up, ensuring the machine remains in optimal condition for consistent and reliable performance.

Compact Design with PLC Management

Despite its advanced features, the PaintMatic maintains a compact design that fits seamlessly into any workshop space. Controlled by a PLC management system with user-friendly software, the machine offers intuitive operation, making it accessible to operators of varying skill levels.


Laser reading of wheel size.
Dual Spray heads, spray Solvent & waterborne coatings.
Wheel size from 12” to 30”.
Automatic spray heads with fast-fit paint cups.
4 Stage filter system with active carbon.
Automatic gun cleaning.
Integrated Infrared curing.
Paint storage cabinet with extracted worktop.
Consistent results.
Integrated spray head cleaning with carbon-filtered cabinet.
Recirculating filtered clean air; no external extraction required.
Easy to use software interface.
Great for the non-skilled painter.


Dimensions: H1900mm x W 1600mm x D 1000mm
Weight: 395Kg
Sound rating: Db 60
Power: 12 a 220v Single Phase
Construction material: Powder-coated aluminium
Air supply requirements – 10CFM


Choose the colour of the wheel and attach the paint pot, load the wheel into the wheel paint machine and scan the wheel using the laser, choose spray colour or clearcoat and press the start button; once the wheel has been painted, the spray head is ready to be auto cleaned, the wheel will then be cured, remove the wheel and you’re done!


Solutions for your workspace, business or van

The PaintMatic is the perfect finish for the DCR Systems range of alloy wheel refinishing machines. Giving the perfect painted finish to your perfectly prepared and refinished wheels.
In addition, the PaintMatic is another time-saving machine for your alloy wheel refinishing process, increasing the number of wheels processed and earnings made.

For The Workshop

The DCR Pro is complemented by our range of other DCR Systems machines, offering the complete workshop solution for alloy wheel refinishing. Please click the link below for more information on our Workshop Solution and how it can complement your business

The Alloy Wheel Centre

For businesses needing more internal space, our bespoke alloy wheel centres have been meticulously designed to bring a complete alloy wheel workshop to your carpark or open space. They boast innovative features and user-friendly design, ensuring efficiency, precision, and ease of use.

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