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Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Machine


The DCR Pro is the only Diamond Cut Alloy Wheel Lathe worldwide, proudly made in Britain.

Designed from the ground up solely to be a refinishing machine for diamond cut alloy wheels, it can be used as a mobile & static solution for your business. The DCR-Pro will produce the pristine ‘factory finish’ you’ve been looking for within 15 minutes on average.

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Our Alloy Wheel Diamond Cutting Lathe is the first and only machine made in Britain in our head quarters in Portsmouth. Our supply chain is primarily from around the Hampshire area keeping our production local. With over 20 staff hand making the DCR-Pro you are assured of quality.

We are the innovators not the imitators of our industry with many global brands now making their machines “similar” to ours.

We are the industry leader with DCR technology including the tyre on tech, the ability to Diamond Cut Refinish Diamond Cut alloys with the tyres on.

With DCR technology:

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Tyre On

Up to 24 inch

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Tyre Off

Up to 30 inch

Where the DCR PRO fits in the system:


The DCR Systems H2O Blaster and Alloy Wheel Preparation Booth begin the process of perfect alloy wheel refinishing. Keying the wheels perfectly for the following processes.
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The DCR Pro is the most crucial component of the DCR Systems alloy wheel refinishing three-stage process, which delivers diamond-cut alloy wheels back to factory finish.
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Completing the range of DCR Systems machinery includes our two-wheel Spray & Cure Booth. It is designed to help give the perfect finish to your wheels in a compact spray booth environment featuring extraction and fast-curing infrared lamps.



Save time per wheel giving you increased efficiency and in turn increased profit. Upon completion of your wheel repair process, you have eliminated the risk of chipping or scratching a freshly repaired wheel putting the tyre back on, the tyre needs to be inflated.

Fits Into Any Space

Even with the smallest of workshops you can install a DCR with its small footprint it can sit where before you couldn’t put an Alloy wheel lathe. DCR Systems are also the first company in the world to design and manufacture an alloy wheel lathe for mobile van operation. Our machine works off single phase 13 amp standard household plug meaning no need for industrial electrical upgrade.

Easy Installation

Weighing in at just 390 KG, the DCR Pro is can be easily relocated around the workshop with a pallet truck meaning as you change or evolve your workspace you will not be limited to arranging your business around one machine. No technical lifting equipment is required.

No Disturbance

With a sound rating of 70.2 dB the machine is also quiet enough to run easily in a residential area.

Easy To Use

The DCR Pro also has an incredibly user friendly interface which is as simple to operate as a mobile phone.

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The world’s first purpose-built solution to mobile diamond-cut alloy wheel repair
It’s super-fast – profiling a typical 20” wheel in roughly 30 seconds
Innovative easy to use touchscreen interface with step-by-step instructions
Cuts wheels from 14” to 24” with tyre-on technology & up to 30” with the tyre taken off
Rapid three-stage process – buckle detect, scan wheel, cut wheel
Incredibly small footprint saves on valuable workshop space or fits into a van for mobile alloy wheel repair service
It only requires a 240v 13amp single-phase electrical supply


Dimensions: W 1004mm x H 1760mm x D 840mm
Weight: 395Kg
Sound rating: 70.2 dB
Power: 13amp single phase 240v
Construction material: Powered coated aluminium
Extended warranties, training, servicing and support are all available through DCR.
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In the dynamic world of alloy wheel repair, efficiency, precision, and convenience are crucial for success. Introducing the DCR Pro Wheel Lathe, a game-changing solution that combines cutting-edge technology with exceptional portability. In this article, we will explore the remarkable features of the DCR Pro Wheel Lathe, including its one-day training requirement, compact footprint, single-phase electrical supply, and the ability to fit into a van, offering a convenient mobile solution for alloy wheel repair professionals.

The DCR Pro Wheel Lathe empowers alloy wheel repair specialists to achieve precise, high-quality results. Its advanced technology allows for precision machining of damaged or worn wheel surfaces, restoring them to their original condition. Whether it’s correcting wheel runouts, addressing curb damage, or removing scratches, the DCR Pro Wheel Lathe ensures precise cuts and a flawless finish, enhancing the wheels’ aesthetics and value.
In a fast-paced industry, time is of the essence. The DCR Pro Wheel Lathe offers the advantage of streamlined training. With just one training day, technicians can quickly grasp the machine’s operation, functionalities, and maintenance requirements. This efficient training approach enables businesses to reduce downtime and swiftly integrate the DCR Pro Wheel Lathe into their operations, enhancing productivity and customer satisfaction.
Space is a valuable commodity in any workshop or mobile repair setup. The DCR Pro Wheel Lathe boasts a compact footprint, making it ideal for businesses with limited space. Whether you have a small workshop or prefer a mobile repair solution, the DCR Pro Wheel Lathe fits seamlessly into your setup. Its compact design saves space and ensures easy manoeuvrability, allowing you to optimise your workflow and make the most of your available area.
Gone are the days of complex electrical requirements. The DCR Pro Wheel Lathe operates on a single-phase electrical supply, eliminating the need for three-phase power. This feature offers flexibility and convenience, as it can be easily integrated into various workshop or mobile setups. By reducing installation complexities, the DCR Pro Wheel Lathe simplifies the process of incorporating this cutting-edge equipment into your existing alloy wheel repair business.
The DCR Pro Wheel Lathe takes convenience to the next level by offering a mobile solution for alloy wheel repairs. Its compact size and van setup compatibility allow easy transportation to customer locations. Whether you are servicing a dealership, performing on-site repairs, or catering to a broader geographical area, the DCR Pro Wheel Lathe enables you to offer a convenient, on-the-go solution. Provide efficient and precise alloy wheel repairs wherever your customers may be, increasing your business’s reach and customer satisfaction.



The DCR Pro has been designed as a multi-solution answer to the multiple problems with diamond-cut alloy wheel repair in the modern automotive world.

With its detailed weight, it was the first purpose-built lathe in the world designed to operate an alloy wheel refurbishment business from the back of a van. However, its small footprint also stands in the Automotive workshop, allowing for mass wheel processing.

The DCR Pro Wheel Lathe redefines alloy wheel repair with its combination of portability, precision, and convenience. With quick and efficient training, a compact footprint, compatibility with a single-phase electrical supply, and the ability to be fitted into a van for mobile repairs, this cutting-edge equipment offers a versatile solution for businesses of all sizes. Elevate your alloy wheel repair operations, deliver exceptional results, and expand your service capabilities with the DCR Pro Wheel Lathe. Experience the transformative power of portability and precision in alloy wheel repair.

For The Workshop

The DCR Pro is complemented by our range of other DCR Systems machines, offering the complete workshop solution for alloy wheel refinishing. Please click the link below for more information on our Workshop Solution and how it can complement your business

The Alloy Wheel Centre

For businesses needing more internal space, our bespoke alloy wheel centres have been meticulously designed to bring a complete alloy wheel workshop to your carpark or open space. They boast innovative features and user-friendly design, ensuring efficiency, precision, and ease of use.

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