Explanation of what is it and why this is important

Despite its compact footprint, the DCR Pro packs quite a punch and only weighs 390kg. Don’t be fooled by the size of the DCR Pro, as it has already been tried and tested in many dealerships and workshops around the UK and the World.

DCR Workshop
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Small footprint for any workshop
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Low sound rating for any environment
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Single Phase 13amp power

Several brand leaders trust us in the automotive industry, car auction houses, and large car supermarkets. The DCR is in 7 of the top 10 UK car dealership brands. Taking up the space of a third of the traditional horizontal lathes and half that of our vertical competitors, the DCR Pro makes the ideal choice for a workshop.

Don’t be deceived by its size – The DCR Pro can keep up with high turnover environments.



With its weight under 400 kg and only needing its own 13amp/240v supply as your business grows, you can move the DCR Pro around the workshop and plug it into the next area. There is no need for specialist moving equipment; just shifted using a pallet truck.

With its low noise of only 65Db, the DCR Pro machine can also be installed into modern open-plan workshops without the need for ear defenders or to shout above the machine.


Why is the DCR Pro the solution to your workshop?

Low Db rating

With a Db rating of 65Db, the DCR Pro is an ideal machine for any workshop environment. There is no need for specialist PPE equipment when using.

Size does matter!

With the small footprint of the DCR Pro, it can fit into any workshop of any size, giving extra revenue to your business. Not only that, but it allows for other machines as your business grows.

Who says two is a crowd?

The DCR Pro footprint is so good that often, clients buy more than one machine to double up their alloy wheel refinishing work and revenue.2 DCR PROS take up less room than 1 x horizontal lathe or 1 ½ times other vertical lathes. You can double the workshop output with a DCR Pro pairing.

Perfect Pairing

The DCR Systems Ltd range of machines is the perfect pairing for the DCR Pro in any workshop. From Preparation to completion, we have a machine for you and can help you design your ideal alloy wheel refurbishment environment to maximise your profits.



Low sound rating of 65Db for a safe working environment
Small footprint allowing for plenty of working space.
A single-phase power supply allows for convenient machine locating in the workshop.
Easy-to-use interface for multiple staff to learn and operate.
Multiple dealerships trust us in the UK.
Easy to move, and no specialist equipment is needed.



Still not sure about the DCR Pro in your workshop? Then, as well as working well in a workshop, the DCR Pro was designed by DCR Systems to operate in mobile and wheel centre environments.

For The Road

When we designed the DCR Pro, we didn’t just want it to fit in a van. It needed to meet other requirements, like B2C and B2B complete diamond cutting and alloy wheel refurbishment. Hence, the DCR Pro is designed to fit through a van’s side door.

The Alloy Wheel Centre

For businesses needing more internal space, our bespoke alloy wheel centres have been meticulously designed to bring a complete alloy wheel workshop to your carpark or open space. They boast innovative features and user-friendly design, ensuring efficiency, precision, and ease of use.

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