Creating space for alloy wheel refurbishment

The Alloy Wheel Centre

The wheel centre is designed to be dropped off the back of a flatbed lorry and craned into position. It only takes up the space of three car parking bays (UK STANDARD). Once landed, as soon as you hook up the air supply (if you have the non-compressor version) and the electrics, you are ready to go and can be servicing wheels in hours.

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Complete alloy wheel business in a box

The DCR Systems Wheel Centre is designed around convenience regarding its delivery, installation, and operation.

Designed to ship in one part on the back of a flatbed, the smaller version can be delivered using only a HIAB truck, giving it major manoeuvrability for placing.

Installing into the space of 3 parking bays for our standard centre and 4.5 for our playroom version of the DCR Systems Wheel Centre gives you increased revenue opportunity without the outlay on construction work.

Designed internally for ease of use by the technician. The DCR Systems Wheel Centre has everything you need for complete alloy wheel refurbishment in one place.

An actual business in a box - Everything you need to refinish alloy wheels on site, both diamond cut and standard


The DCR systems Wheel Centre comes in two standard designs. Our smaller version is designed around the workshop with a close electric and compressed air supply. Our larger plant room version is intended for space for compressors and storage.

Wheel Centre



Each of our DCR Systems Wheel Centres comes with everything you will need. Tyre Machine, DCR Pro, H2O Blaster. Giving you everything you need to get your wheels ready for painting.

Health & Safety

Our Wheel Centres are HSE spray booth compliant, and ATEX equipment is installed to give that extra peace of mind. The Centre also has First Aid Kits, emergency lighting, and a spray gun cleaning station.

Comfort environment

DCR Wheel Centres are installed with heating, cooling, and fresh air intakes to give the technician year-round comfort. Not forgetting the long hours that may be worked, each Centre comes with a Bluetooth speaker installed. Full tool station integration provides plenty of space for mixing paints and storage.

PLANT room or NO Plantroom

Our two design options give you plenty of flexibility in the commitment to the size of the space outside that you need. Our plant room centres have plenty of space for the largest compressors to give the centres a total business-in-a-box feel. Our smaller centre allows convenience on a site with a good supply nearby.

Convenient movement of Centre

The DCR Wheel Centres are designed for ease of placement on site – both centres are intended to arrive on a flatbed truck, and our expert crane operators can place the centres on hard ground practically anywhere. Sites will be surveyed with the customer beforehand.


Here at DCR Systems, we can discuss your business needs for the Wheel Centres and are even able to offer an entire consumables package to get you started. This is flexible, as some companies already have supplier agreements.

Wheel CentreWheel CentreWheel CentreWheel CentreWheel Centre craneWheel Centre
Wheel Centre


Full HSE-approved wheel spray booth.
Climate control
Complete alloy wheel refurbishment machinery
Taking up a maximum of five parking bays (UK Standard)
Convenient delivery to the location
Powered up and ready to operate in hours.



As well as the mobile solution from DCR Systems, we offer a workshop based model as standard and a full wheel centre which includes everything you could need to refurbish and refinish alloy wheels in minimal space.

For The Workshop

The DCR Pro is complemented by our range of other DCR Systems machines, offering the complete workshop solution for alloy wheel refinishing. Please click the link below for more information on our Workshop Solution and how it can complement your business

For The Road

When we designed the DCR Pro, we didn’t just want it to fit in a van. It needed to meet other requirements, like B2C and B2B complete diamond cutting and alloy wheel refurbishment. Hence, the DCR Pro is designed to fit through a van’s side door.
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