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This one-day session is designed to support technicians or individuals looking to enter this market for the first time, or experienced alloy wheel technicians to carry out cosmetic diamond cut alloy wheel damage using The DCR-Pro machine.

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Training on the DCR Pro Alloy Wheel Lathe offers numerous advantages for individuals or technicians involved in wheel repair and maintenance. Firstly, proficiency with the DCR Pro ensures optimal utilisation of the machine’s advanced features, allowing for precise and efficient alloy wheel repair. This increases productivity as technicians can complete tasks faster and more accurately.

Additionally, training equips users with a comprehensive understanding of the lathe’s safety protocols, reducing the risk of accidents and ensuring a secure working environment. Furthermore, mastering the DCR Pro Alloy Wheel Lathe improves troubleshooting skills, enabling technicians to address any issues that may arise during operation quickly. Overall, investing in training for the DCR Pro Alloy Wheel Lathe translates into increased skill sets, heightened efficiency, and a higher quality of alloy wheel repair services.

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The DCR training runs through all features of the software and the process of cosmetically refinishing the alloy wheels. From beginners starting out with DCR-Pro to experience technicians who have joined your business or need to use the machine, our training equips your team to carry out the perfect refinish.

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All trainees receive a certificate of competency on successful completion of the DCR training session, as confirmation of required standard to operate and cut alloy wheels unsupervised with The DCR-Pro.

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DCR Systems takes pride in providing comprehensive training for their state-of-the-art DCR Pro Alloy Wheel Lathe globally. Recognising their users’ diverse locations and schedules, DCR Systems offers training through various channels. The availability of training videos ensures accessibility for individuals worldwide, allowing users to learn at their own pace and convenience. FaceTime sessions are facilitated for a more personalised approach, directly interacting with experienced trainers who can address specific queries and provide real-time guidance. Additionally, DCR Systems collaborates with dedicated approved training providers whenever possible, offering on-site training for an immersive learning experience. This multi-faceted training strategy ensures that users worldwide can benefit from the DCR Pro Alloy Wheel Lathe. It underscores DCR Systems’ commitment to empowering its users with the knowledge and skills necessary for successful operation and maintenance.



As well as the skilled training you receive when purchasing any of the equipment supplied by DCR Systems, you will also benefit from our backup service through our dedicated team of service engineers.


The DCR Systems’ entire range of machines for alloy wheel refinishing gives you the full workshop solution to your alloy wheel repair needs.

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